I was brought up in a family that loved to feed people.  For me, this is more than a business. It's the love of food.

Like many women of my generation, we learned to cook at a very young age.  We assisted our mother and grandmother in the kitchen.  A 5 year old sous chef in training!

It starts with washing lettuce for the salads. Scrubbing potatoes for the gnocchi and rolling tiny meatballs for the lasagna.

As a teen, I graduated to peeling the garlic, chopping the onions and preparing the salad dressing.  Not until I was in my early 20's, living on my own, did I attempt the Italian girls "right of passage," making my first pot of Italian gravy a/k/a "sauce."   In no way was it as good as my mother's.  It never is.  All your life, you strive to make it like "her" but "hers" will always be better!

While living in Chicago in the early 70's, I prepared many dinners for my friends.  I organized many theme parties for various companies.  I became known as "the girls with the grocery bags."  I never visited anyone's home without bags of food that I would prepare.  I was the perfect guest.  I did all the cooking.

As time went on, the cooking became second to my decorating business.  Now, here I am mid-life, realizing that I CAN combine my passion for cooking and my love of decorating.  Not only are my recipes delicious, but they are beautifully presented.  Everything I prepare is made to order, fresh and pretty to look at.

Give me a try!  You will be proud to serve my food in your home.